In today’s rapidly evolving legal sector, law firms are under increasing pressure to offer innovative and cost-efficient services. ContractExpress 5, the next generation of ContractExpress DealBuilder, is an enterprise class, web-based document automation solution designed for fast and accurate document drafting and client collaboration. Capable of scaling from simple letters and precedents to the most complex legal contracts, it is proven to meet the exacting needs of premium global law firms and their clients.

Client connectivity is central to ContractExpress 5. From document automation extranets that make the premise of fixed fee arrangements profitable to marketing showcases that establish client relationships from the earliest stages; ContractExpress enables law firms to better engage their clients. 

The ContractExpress difference

It is essential that lawyers are able to create and update automated templates without the help of the IT department or other external resources.

The ContractExpress authoring tool delivers fast and easy template automation for even the most sophisticated documents right inside Microsoft Word, without the complexity inherent in traditional document assembly tools. The template authoring process involves surrounding optional text with brackets and can be likened to marking up a document with a red pen. Finished templates can go live to end users with just one click.

ContractExpress also has a world-class, patented relevancy engine that determines which questions need to be asked to create a complete and trusted document. The questionnaires used to generate documents are created automatically from your automated templates, eliminating the need to create complex scripted dialogs and forms as with other document assembly solutions.

A few words from our CTO

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"With ContractExpress 5 we have combined our leadership in simplicity of template authoring with a new, mobile-first user interface and new client connectivity features. With the most competitive pricing on the market, it is a world class solution for law firms wishing to embrace modern digital, document drafting."

Andy Wishart, CTO Business Integrity

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    No Programming

    ContractExpress enables lawyers to automate templates, model documents, precedents or forms without requiring any programming skills. Automated templates are created in Microsoft Word, using an intuitive plain-language mark-up that anyone can learn.

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    Mobile-first Design

    The new, beautiful user interface in ContractExpress 5 was designed to work perfectly on mobile devices, whether it’s a smart phone or a tablet, the features will adapt to the screen size available for drafting and review on the go.

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    Client Sites

    Collaborate with clients in their own private sites. Share templates and review documents created by the client in a customized, branded environment. You are able to control exactly what the client has access to, and at what level of permission.

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    Customize ContractExpress 5 according to your own branding, and create unlimited client sites, each with the relevant branding and color schemes. 

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    Everything at Your Fingertips

    Simple, clear and easy to navigate dashboard with tabs that direct you to where your documents or templates are stored, where other have shared documents with you and where you create customized sites. 

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    Intelligent Questionnaire

    ContractExpress automatically produces web-based questionnaire forms for each template. Simple, clear and easy to navigate web screens show progress information, alerts and on-page guidance. Dependencies between questions on the same page of the questionnaire are automatically created and derived from the natural structure of the underlying template. This unique approach dramatically speeds up the automation of complex document sets that traditional systems can’t manage.

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    Preview Mode

    In Preview Mode, users can see updates to the document as they are made in real-time. The ability to associate changes in the questionnaire with their effects in the document makes drafting a more fluid and efficient process. Preview Mode also simplifies training for new users and allows for greater document ownership.

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    Flexible Deployment options

    Whether you are delivering a document assembly solution to internal users or connecting with your external clients, ContractExpress can be deployed either on your servers or in the cloud. 

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    Multiple levels of complexity

    There is no limit to the complexity of a ContractExpress template. Business Rules can be deeply embedded to the word or character level, and the ContractExpress rules-engine will ensure that a question is only asked on the questionnaire when it is relevant.

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    Document Sets

    ContractExpress supports the creation of sets of documents from a single interview, or the creation of a single document from multiple templates. The ContractExpress relevancy engine combines business rules and relevancy information across sets of templates to ensure that users are presented with a consistent and consolidated questionnaire.

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    Data Management and Reporting

    ContractExpress provides extensive data management and reporting. Each time a document is assembled, the data about that document and all the answers associated within are stored as an XML answer set. This enables custom reporting and interoperability with line of business systems..

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    External Dictionary

    Effortlessly update multiple templates from one central location. The external dictionary simplifies mass updates of templates with shared definitions.

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    Multiple Output formats

    ContractExpress supports the generation of .docx, .doc, .rtf, .pdf and .html.

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    Integration with other systems

    ContractExpress provides first class integration with SQL Server data sources and SharePoint Web Services, to provide connectivity with your organization’s line of business systems such as client, matter, billing and accounting systems.


The ContractExpress questionnaire is web based allowing users to access it for any device with an internet connection including mobile devices such as an iPad or tablet. 


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    Author Templates in Microsoft Word

    ContractExpress templates are created by legal content specialists in Microsoft Word, without requiring programming.

  • ContractExpress 5 Questionnaire

    Simple user interface

    ContractExpress questionnaire forms are easy to use, with progress information and guidance for completing the data. Mobile-first design ensures they look beautiful on smartphones and tablets.

  • Custom ContractExpress branding

    Customize with your branding

    ContractExpress 5, the next generation of DealBuilder, can be branded with your own logos and color scheme and that of your clients for custom extranet sites.

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    ContractExpress Cloud

    ContractExpress Cloud provides the ContractExpress document assembly solution through a cloud platform

  • ContractExpress 5 Preview


    Watch your answers populate and change the document in real time.

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