Contract Creation Software

Salespeople are always under pressure to close deals faster, especially as the quarter-end approaches. But they often have to wait in line for a lawyer to find time to draft and approve their contracts. Corporations use ContractExpress contract creation software to eliminate this legal bottleneck and shorten the sales cycle by automating the creation and approval of contracts.

To request a contract, business users answer a web-based questionnaire that guides them through the interview process. If their answers are complete and compliant, ContractExpress generates a document that is ready for wet signature or E-signature through our partnership with DocuSign. Incomplete, non-compliant, or non-standard requests are routed for review to lawyers that are now freed to focus on these contracts instead of drafting routine documents.

Self-service Sales Contracts

Sales is always under pressure to close deals more quickly, especially as the quarter-end approaches. But sales people often have to wait in line for a lawyer to find time to draft and approve their contracts. Corporations use ContractExpress to eliminate the legal bottleneck and shorten the sales process by automating the creation and approval of sales agreements. Business users access approved standard contracts as soon as they've completed the questionnaire. Lawyers are freed to focus on closing non-standard contracts.


ContractExpress delivers self-service contract creation that is trusted by Legal and loved by the Business.


Increase Legal Department Efficiency

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    Contract templates; the heart of your contract automation system.

    The generated contract is only as good as its template. ContractExpress is the only contract software that delivers a legally intuitive template authoring experience for use by lawyers, not IT programmers.  Our patented technology allows your subject matter experts to author and automate contract templates directly in Microsoft Word, reducing the misunderstandings, testing, and delays when programmers need to be involved. Future updates become quick and timely.

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    Only look at what matters: "PDF or Lawyer"™

    ContractExpress makes possible safe self-service contract creation and approval. Business users complete an intuitive, business-oriented online questionnaire. PDF or Lawyer approval workflow enforces compliance by only allowing a business user to access a signature-ready and locked PDF version of the agreement when their answers are complete and compliant, as established by Legal. Incomplete or non-compliant requests are automatically routed to the appropriate lawyer for review.

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    Approvals that map onto your business

    ContractExpress’ flexible approvals engine helps you create the perfect approval process for any contract with sequential and parallel workflows. Set approvals for multiple departments, not just Legal. Automatic email alerts notify you of items awaiting approval. Approvers can review and modify a Microsoft Word version of the draft contract as well as any supporting documents uploaded by the requestor. Approvers can also re-launch the questionnaire to modify the contract. Once approved, the contract is locked as a PDF and made available to the business user via their dashboard.

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    Negotiate Safely

    When the counterparty requests changes to the contract, Legal users can access a Microsoft Word version of the contract for negotiation. A full version history of amendments are saved to ContractExpress.

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    Handle outside party paper

    If starting with the counterparty’s paper, salespeople can upload any relevant documents to ContractExpress and answer questions about key deal points to trigger a legal request. This ensures that Legal get a full version history on any amendments made to the external paper.

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    Gain insight into the business

    ContractExpress reporting tools give you a fully customizable overview of your business’ contract behavior. Visualize trends in the contract request process to identify sticking points and develop effective fallback provisions for your most innovative sales people, providing the business with room to grow.

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    An easy fit for your organization

    ContractExpress contract creation software can be implemented in a way to suit you. It can be installed  on-premise on your own servers or hosted in the Cloud on our QuickStart ™ platform to avoid IT delays. ContractExpress can be deployed on a variety of platforms including Microsoft SharePoint, Salesforce, and in the Cloud. It can also integrate with your existing line of business systems making contract creation & approval dramatically quicker.

Featured Case Study - Solar City

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"If ContractExpress brings in one more deal or saves one deal from going badly, then the whole system has paid for itself, and we do hundreds of deals a year, so that is the value proposition"

Seth Weissman,Vice President and General Counsel
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Streamlined Sales Process

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    Make ContractExpress part of your everyday

    Creating contracts with ContractExpress is a seamless process. Work directly from the intranet, Salesforce, or by logging in to ContractExpress online. Users can even create contracts on the move from mobile devices.

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    Everything in one place

    The ContractExpress dashboard provides users with an easy way to keep track of their Work in Progress. Users can create new contracts, check on the status of pending approvals, and download their (pre)approved contracts for signature.

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    Creating contracts is easy as 1 2 3!

    ContractExpress presents business users with an intuitive self-service, business orientated questionnaire. Dynamic guidance walks the user through the logic behind each question, ensuring accurate responses.

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    The right terms and the right price

    Business users are automatically alerted when approval is required as a result of their input. Approvals aren’t only restricted to the Legal team: sequential workflows enable multiple teams to have approval rights on agreements, for instance commercial and finance.

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    The all-important signature

    If the completed questionnaire results in a contract with pre-approved terms i.e. no approvals required, the user can download a PDF copy of the completed document to send for signature. Once the signed copy has been received the document can be uploaded back to the customer’s account.

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    Traffic lights: Getting the green

    Once a contract is approved, the business user that requested the contract is notified via email. The user can then download the locked PDF version from their dashboard and send it off for signature. The ContractExpress traffic lights give users an overview of contract status at a glance.

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    360° visibility and audit trail for Legal

    Legal and power users have a complete overview of contract activity within the organization. Users designated as Legal or commercial approvers also have a “tasks” dashboard from which they can review contract requests.

Next steps

Revenue Recognition & Compliance

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    Standardize contract language

    Documents generated through the contract templates in ContractExpress will always have the same wording, enforcing consistency across the business. Improve risk management by making sure that only legally-approved wording can be issued by any business user.

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    Set it and forget it – contract alerts

    Pre-configured automatic alerts track contracts and their terms. Alerts can be set on any key data within the contract enabling both Business Users and Legal to receive alerts on key dates such as approaching contract expiration.

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    Find everything

    Draft, completed, and executed documents are all stored in ContractExpress along with their metadata. our contract software's enterprise search enables legal users to find contracts by specific meta data, clauses or language.

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    Audit trail

    Each action, modification and approval to a contract request is logged in ContractExpress to ensure that legal management have a complete picture of how a contract was executed.  

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    Remain compliant by always keeping your contract templates up to date

    ContractExpress’ Authoring tool makes contract maintenance simple. React instantly to regulatory changes by implementing amendments right across your template bank swiftly and efficiently direct from Microsoft Word.

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    Secure document generation

    Only approved documents can be sent out for signature. Documents awaiting approval will be draft watermarked until approved by Legal. Locked PDF documents ensure the final document cannot be altered.

Featured Case Study - Cisco Systems

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"If the questions are answered in such a way that it does not create the need for an external review, a Cisco account manager can sign up a distribution partner in an hour or less."

Steve Harmon, Vice President and Deputy General Counsel
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